Our Services

Welding & Fabrication

At WICKEN 4-WHEEL DRIVE we undertake chassis repairs, vehicle restoration & modifications, bulkhead rebuilds, accident repairs and recovery.

We will carry out anything from fitting a roof rack to fitting a complete galvanised chassis (If you have deep enough pockets).

We will gladly manufacture one off modifications to your specifications. We offer welding services in and around the Cambridge, Newmarket, Mildenhall, Bury St Edmunds, Ely and March area. So if we can help, give us a call.

LPG Conversions

At WICKEN 4-WHEEL DRIVE we offer LPG conversions for Land Rovers and Range Rovers. We are in easy reach of Ely, Newmarket and Cambridge and welcome all work. Most conversions retain all the existing fuel system with the addition of a gas tank. On some vehicles it is possible to fit this in place of the original fuel tank and fit a smaller fuel tank so no boot space is lost. An electronic gas management system is located under the bonnet. The driver can change from LPG to petrol or vice versa whilst the vehicle is in motion by the flick of a switch on the dash board. The vehicle can therefore be run on petrol if it is in an area where there is limited supply of autogas.

Low fuel duty means autogas is a cheap alternative to petrol or diesel , whilst maintaining the performance and for those of you concerned about the environment (which we all are of course) it is a more eco friendly option.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

At WICKEN 4-WHEEL DRIVE we will sort out all your vehicle air conditioning problems whether you drive a Mercedes, a Range Rover, a tractor or a combine harvester! We are able to carry out hose and pipe repairs.

We can also fit complete kits to some vehicles depending on availability. We can supply and fit remote systems to Motor homes and caravans.

We offer a mobile service for agricultural and plant machinery.


At WICKEN 4-WHEEL DRIVE we can undertake servicing and repairs to both the domestics and the vehicle allowing you to have all requirements met under one roof.

We can supply and fit many accessories from cycle racks to air conditioning systems, and we are happy to install accessories supplied by yourself.

We are also able to carry out MOT’s on most van derived motorhomes.

Electric & Hybrid

At WICKEN 4-WHEEL DRIVE we are an approved and qualified garage who can carry out any Service, Maintenance and Repair for your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle.

We have all the qualifications, equipment, tools, data and experience to work on most makes and models of electric or hybrid vehicles.